Lifting Weights for Fitness

by Fahad 23. April 2013 05:35

Hi guys

I just wanted share some information about lifting weights. My clients always ask me, What is beneficial? Heavy lifting or light lifting?

There are lots of benefits if you do both, you can do heavy lifting one day and a light lift following day or one weekk lift heavy and one week lift light but do remember that lift up to failure even when you are lifting light, meaning lift 30 or 50 reps but go to up to failure , and if you decide to lift heavy you can go to your one rep max but make sure you have a spotter in case you need to get the weight off of you.

To understand the benefit of lifting like this is to understand the muscle types e.g fast twitch and slow twitch fibers which I would explain next time, start changing your workouts heavy lifters and the light lifters safely let's up the weights let me know in couple of months if you see any progress if you have a question please email me at, GOOD LUCK !

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Balance Tip for Senior Actives

by Fahad 10. April 2013 02:09

Hey every one this is for my senior active friends who find themselves off balance. The easy and safe way is walking in the pool front back and side ways. The current of the water will challenge your stability muscles which would help your balance and just in case you fall you are safe because you are in water. Make sure you are a good swimmer and have the strength to stand up in the pool in case you fall, good luck hope this helps.

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Senior actives

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